How to import images into SKIN EDITOR | BeamNG drive

1. Create the folder Create the following folder. C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\\0.31\art\dynamicDecals...[EN]

How to spawn more vehicles in without dropping FPS

In, its FPS is dropping as number of vehicles increases.Compared to other car games, I often feel that the ...[EN]

[] All Official Vehicle Config Table

I extracted all official vehicle configs from v0.27.2The table is too large, please wait until it finishes ...[EN]

How to improve BeamNG graphics without mod

1. sky settings Open "World Editor" (F11 key) Search "sky" in SceneTree and select ScatterSky object Change the values b...[EN]

3 Best Ways to Race with AI in

summary Scenario / Missions(Official&Mod)ScriptAIAI pathDifficultyEasyDifficultDifficultUILike Racing GameN/AN/AFlexibil...[EN] Command Cheat Sheet

2023/1/4) Update command list. (compatible with v0.27.1)2023/7/7) Update command list. (compatible with v0.29.1) 1.How t...