How to spawn more vehicles in without dropping FPS[EN]

In, its FPS is dropping as number of vehicles increases.

Compared to other car games, I often feel that the number of cars that can be spawn is too small.
(CPU is often the bottleneck)

However, in fact, it is possible to make up to 5 times as many vehicles spawn without dropping the FPS by devising the types of vehicles.

This time, I will introduce the types of vehicles that affect FPS and how to spawn FPS effective vehicles.

1. The type of vehicles that affect FPS vehicles can be classified into the following three types according to their impact on FPS.

Normal VehicleVehicles used by players.
All functions can be used, so it makes lowest FPS.
Simplified VehicleVehicles for AI traffic.
Functions for players such as car navigation have been removed, making it higher FPS.
Parked VehicleVehicles for parking traffic.
Accelerator/Brake/Steering are removed, making it highest FPS.

For the above three types of vehicles, I conducted an experiment to see how many vehicles could be put out under the same FPS condition, and the results were as follows.

typesNumber of vehicles
Normal Vehicle16
Simplified Vehicle45
Parked Vehicle80

As you can see from above table, it is possible to spawn about 3 times as many simplified vehicles and 5 times as many parked vehicles without lowering the FPS.

As mentioned above, there are some functional limitations, but if you want to spawn vehicle for destruction, for example, a simplified vehicle or a parked vehicle will be sufficient, so I think it will be quite useful when you want to spawn a large number of vehicles.

2. How to spawn simplified/parked vehicle

Both simplified vehicles and parked vehicles can be selected from the vehicle selection screen.
Vehicles named “simple_traffic_xx” are simplified vehicles, and vehicles named “simple_traffic_parked_xx” are parked vehicles.

Vehicles named "simple_traffic_xx" are simplified vehicles, and vehicles named "simple_traffic_parked_xx" are parked vehicles.

Note that these vehicles will not be displayed in the list unless the “Inclued auxiliary debug content” box is checked.

Simplified/Parked vehicles are not displayed unless “Inclued auxiliary debug content” box is checked.

Also, please note that not all vehicles have Simplified/Parked vehicles.

As of v0.28.2, the following Simplified/Parked vehicles are available.

Bruckell LeGran
Cherrier FCV Tograc
Cherrier FCV Vivace
ETK 800-Series
ETK 800-Series (sedan)
ETK I-Series
Hirochi Sunburst
Ibishu 200BX
Ibishu Covet
Ibishu Pessima (1988-1991)
Ibishu Pessima (1996-2000)

That’s all for this article.
If it is for destruction, it is a very useful, so please try it once.

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